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Welcome to Tirano

La Casa di Giò 

it is the ideal starting point for your adventures in Valtellina and beyond.

 With an enviable position in the center of Tirano and immediate proximity to the Bernina Express station, our apartment offers you the perfect base for exploring the wonders of this region, whether you are a fan of summer excursions or a lover of winter sports. Comfortable, welcoming and strategically located, it is the ideal place for your adventures all year round.

Tirano Montagne Natura

When men and mountains meet, great things happen

(William Blake)
House apartment accommodation

La Casa di Giò 
it is a very spacious apartment located in an elegant condominium in a central but quiet area on the main street of Tirano, 200 meters from the Trenitalia and Bernina Express stations and a short walk from the historic centre.


+39 3516945669


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